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A Kind of MAGICC

2007-08-23 :: /mlp
via lemonodor:

There is some pretty cool technology coming out of the MAGICC Lab:

I cannot help feeling a little uncomfortable about the potential uses of this, however.

We visited Kasteel De Haar with Meetin Amsterdam, after a short stop-over in Utrecht. Buses to the castle go every two hours, which gave us enough time to find a nice spot for lunch. Despite our worries, the weather played along nicely (photo proof below).

The tour guide in the castle was quite... resolute. She started with a list of things we are not allowed to do (breathing was sort of okay, thankfully), and constantly shushed people around. The location, however, is very pictoresque:

The castle also gave me a good excuse to fool around with the camera again. I am mostly happy with the picture composition of the castle shots. However, most pictures turned out to be overexposed. Next time, I will keep an eye on the histograms.

Pluk de Nacht

2007-08-18 :: /movies

Pluk de Nacht is an open-air film festival in Amsterdam. Last year, we somehow managed to miss it completely, and this year nearly as well, if it wasn't for Haidee and Reed. Thanks, guys!

Pluk De Nacht

Eagle vs. Shark They showed the Down Under movie Eagle vs. Shark, which totally rocked, in search for a better description.

Logo of MondoMouse

MondoMouse is a great OS X add-on to make life with the Rodent much easier. Given that we are talking about OS X, this is also quite needed, as I have to reach for the mouse far more often than I was used to, back when I was using Ion.

I have been using MondoMouse for about a year now, and I am quite happy with it. It has many features, but I am mainly using it to resize windows, and move them around: instead of navigating to the window frame, I just hold down the configured modifier keys, and move the mouse. The window below the mouse pointer moves along with the pointer. No click-to-front or careful positioning needed!

The latest release, version 1.4, supports resizing windows from any corner, a feature which I have long wished for!

Lisp Logo (by Conrad Barsky)

Tamas K. Papp asked on comp.lang.lisp about a DEFCLASS skeleton, after I showed a DEFPACKAGE skeleton earlier. So, here it is:

(define-skeleton mwe:cl-defclass-skeleton
  "Inserts a Common Lisp DEFCLASS skeleton."
  "Class: "
  "(defclass " str " (" ((skeleton-read "Superclass: ") str " ") & -1 ")"
  \n "(" ((skeleton-read "Slot: ")
          "(" str " :accessor get-" str " :initarg :" str ")" \n) & '(join-line)
  ;; \n "(:default-initargs " - ")" ;; add to your liking...
  ")\n" \n

(define-skeleton mwe:cl-defclass-slot-skeleton
  "Inserts a Common Lisp DEFCLASS slot skeleton."
  "Slot: "
  ((skeleton-read "Slot: ")
   "(" str " :accessor get-" str " :initarg :" str ")" \n) & '(join-line)

I have not felt a need for it so far, mostly because it turns out that my DEFCLASS forms rarely are that regular, and tend to grow iteratively, so I have to go back and change them anyway. Using skeletons then feels to me like interrupting the flow, for lack of a better explanation...

Also, I would rather have somebody step forward and publish their msf-abbrev abbreviations for Common Lisp. Thanks.

UPDATE 2008-01-08: Old News...

The above skeleton is part of Redshank mode now.

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