Michael Weber: Random Bits and Pieces

via vs: Putting theory to good use: Robbing the bank with a theorem prover. The authors used the Otter proof assistant.

Fun at HoteLux

2005-08-25 :: /events
picture of Roter Oktober

Yesterday, we went to Cologne to eat out at HoteLux, a Soviet restaurant/cocktailbar.

Much fun was had! Part of the place looks like a Moscow Subway train, the room we were dining in was largely painted red with soviet motives, Russian music playing in the background, thirty different kinds of Vodka, and Kwas for me (I drank better ones, though, it was a little watery).

Oh, and we were served by a very helpful waitress (Oy, this is going to burn, better eat some pickles..., referring to the Vodka). After several rounds she also started to stop by and asked whether the drinkers were still doing fine.

Explaining REST

2005-08-23 :: /mlp

Ryan Tomayko explains REST to his wife.

via ll-discuss:

Lenny Foner offers valuable advice for macro writers on the leightweight languages list.

Pieter Breed wrote a four-part tutorial for creating web applications in Common-Lisp with TBNL.

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