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via Leon P. Smith:

Doron Zeilberger states two pedagogical principles:

The Gelfand Principle
Whenever you state a new concept, definition, or theorem, (and better still, right before you do) give the SIMPLEST possible non-trivial example.
The Buchberger Principle (my rephrase)
When presenting your work (paper etc.), apply your method to a simple case, which can easily be followed, then state that the same method worked on the complicated case as well, and provide proof elsewhere that it did work indeed.

Zeilberger writes:

[...] but please, have mercy on the rain forest! You don't need 30 pages, and frankly all this EXPLICIT LANGUAGE of hairy computer output is almost pornographic.

Hence, both the Gelfand and the Buchberger principles are as useful when we teach our students (at all levels, K-grad_school), as when we try to teach our colleagues, in other words, write understandable research papers. But, last but not least, when we teach ourselves, in other words, do research.

Very true. Of course I start writing papers with best intentions, but in hindsight the outcome is not always optimal due to time constraints etc. I will try to adhere to those principles more (and I hope others will too).


2005-08-22 :: /programming/lisp

Pascal Costanza announced ContextL:

ContextL is a CLOS extension for Context-oriented Programming. Currently, there is no documentation available, but you can find a small test case in the distribution and an introduction to ContextL's features in a first overview paper.

Too bad, COP has already been used for Concurrency-Oriented Programming, a phrase dubbed by Joe Armstrong.

Anyway, what is this latest fashion of calling stuff bullshit-Oriented Programming?

The White Masai

2005-08-22 :: /books
via Irina: book cover: The White Masai

An extraordinary life, an extraordinary book! During a vacation in Africa a young Swiss falls in love with a Masai warrior. She exchanges her comfortable life in Europe for a humble hut in a Kenyan village. The book is an honest report about 4 years of marriage in Kenya, that inspite of poverty, diseases and cultural differences were full with beautiful experiences. Life can be more interesting than any film...

Apropos film, the filming of the book comes to German cinemas on 15th of September. I definitely want to see it!

Dschingis Khan

Das Weltreich der Mongolen, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, 2005-06-16 - 2005-09-25.

Initially, we wanted to go there today, but decided against it because of the expected traffic chaos from the Pope's visit to Cologne and the end of end of XX. World Youth Day.

Woman - picture from Larissa Strunowa-Lübke Ikarus - statue from Roman Manevich

Today was the last day of Russische Kunst - Gestern und Heute, an exhibition in Eupen, Belgium. I like the style of Larissa Strunowa-Lübke. Sculptures from Roman Manevich were presented as well.

The background music sucked, though, badly. (Irina: It's killarous!). I wonder who bought Sax and Clarinet for lovers - Vol. 1, that they made a second volume?!

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