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Yes, the world does not end after Intel's x86 processors. So, I decided to buy an Alpha and run Linux/Alpha on it. Currently, this is Redhat 5.1 (Manhattan). When I installed the Alpha, the RedHat distribution was the better one of two distributions available (Debian/Alpha had some problems at that time...).

To be more specific, the Alpha has a Digital AXPPCI33 mainboard running a Alpha-21066 CPU (166MHz), which I bought at the Hobbytronic '98 from Request. Certainly, my shiny new board was Dead On Arrival... :-/ So, I drove to Request (in the Netherlands), and they exchanged it. They were really nice and checked, whether my memory and VGA card works with the board without asking for a fee, although it was Saturday and they didn't have publicly open at that time.

The Alpha is configured as Name-, NFS-, Samba-, Web-, practically-everything-Server :-) and is also connected to the Internet through a non-permanent ISDN connection.

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