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Unless otherwise stated, everything on this page is Linux/Un*x stuff, since Linux is the only operating system I am currently running... :-)
AUTOSUCKINN - automatically generate sucknewsrc from INN log files.
So, you're running a leaf newssite with INN and SUCK and you like your INN installation, but also want the feature of LEAFNODE to automatically subscribe to newsgroups without editing your sucknewsrc everyday? AUTOSUCKINN is the solution. It does the work of rewriting the sucknewsrc file for you.
TRUTH - a platform for verifying concurrent systems.
TRUTH is the research project I am currently working on. It is written in Haskell, a purely functional language. It runs on Linux/x86 and Sun SPARCs, but should run on every platform where ghc, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, is ported to.
maKs - monitoring your Ackermann Euracom PABX under Linux.

Among other features, it is possible to use maKs as a network server granting Windows (Euraconf98) and Linux clients access to your PABX.

Recently, I got Co-author of this project. It is highly ALPHA-state software, so we really need contributors and testers. Visit Chris' page for more information about maKs.

isdnlog - part of the isdn4linux tools

Too many features to list here, if you do have ISDN, have a look at it!

I spent some nights with gdb on it to find a nasty buffer overrun caused by big Euracom or possibly other unknown packets. It's fixed now...

cdrdao - write CDDA-discs in DAO-Mode
I patched cdrdao to let it burn CDDA-dics on-the-fly (YES, harddisk space is cheap these days, but still finite... :-)). It works, but should be taken with care!

The patch made it's way into the distribution. Thanks to Andreas Müller, the author of cdrdao, for the great tool and his patience with me...

Since my computer has some (hardware-)problems, I am not able to work on cdrdao currently... Hopefully, I get this fixed soon...
mgetty - a great modem getty for dial-in and sending/receiving faxes

I am using mgetty for quite some time and it is working really well. It works with various modems and has excellent support from its creator, Gert Doering.

Besides, it is IMHO much more painless to install and configure than hylafax, for example. Not to mention the small size... However, if you experience problems, there is a (sometimes heavy-traffic) mailing list, bidirectionally gated to de.alt.comm.mgetty, where you can ask for solutions. Also visit the Mailing-List archive for the whole story...


8-bit tag-lines

I patched pbmtext from the netpbm-19940301 package (and some programs from the mgetty-distribution to embed the new pbmtext switch), so that faxspool is able to generate 8-bit headers in fax tag-lines. I used a 24-point courier font. German umlauts and most other special chars are supported.

NOTE: I made an image which is used by pbmtext for fine resolution (204x196 dpi) faxes *ONLY*. It was a pain, since ghostscript was not usable (for some reason I forgot). So I used xpaint... Don't ask...

In short: if you want an 8-bit normal-resolution (204x98 dpi) font, you have to do it yourself 8-). Nevertheless, the patched pbmtext does still support the old font images.

NEWThe netpbm package seems to be outdated. Ask FTP Search for libgr-2.0.13*.tar.gz or better. The patches should work with both packages.

For some reason, the patch never made it's way in the mgetty distribution, but I used it for more than a year without a problem.

I've put together a tar ball containing the necessary files but WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION! You should really know what you are doing. Alternatively, you can mail me :-)


A common problem seems to be, that pbmtext is linked to an already installed libpbm library and not to the newly patched. Make sure this does not happen and you won't get any problems (hopefully).

Linking pbmtext statically against libpbm is also a good idea. So, you won't get any problems, when installing a new version of netpbm/libgr.

g3cat patch
I also patched g3cat to let it insert tag-lines into fax pages. Usually, a page is appended to a tag-line, which in effect makes the whole thing larger than DIN A4 (or whatever pagesize one uses). If you try to print this page, it will get truncated at the bottom. With the patch, you can toggle this behaviour to insert the tag-line into the page without changing the original size.
8bit tag-line patch
g3cat patch
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