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[vs] Me, myself & I

Volker is currently in the frame of mind where he prefers good food to ... almost anyone else. This includes grinding his own coffee instead of teeth and treating friends to Sushi. He tries to get along with other people when he breaks out of the psychiatric ward once in a while.

He should spend more time reading and turn down the volume of his stereo equipment. Sometimes, he tweaks things around the FreeBSD operating system.

If he's not currently preparing the next Compiler-Construction excercise sheet, you usually find him up to the arm pits in nameserver configuration files (we're running BIND 9.2.1 with only two forward and one reverse zone for IPv6 here). Recently he wasted large amounts of time of using TSIG keys for Dynamic DNS updates and configuring a slave server on a dynamic IP. He claims to know something about STARTTLS and setting up Sendmail. He's interested in Haskell, too.