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Honorary mention -- Zwei Gitarren, ein Baß und eine gut aussehende Violine, äh, Violinistin... Bestandteile von Nuages scheinen mal wieder aus dem Dunstkreis der Raststätte zu kommen. Falls jemand mehr über die weiß oder wo sie in oder um Aachen mal wieder spielen, bitte Bescheid sagen! Das letzte Mal sah ich sie durch Zufall beim Aachener Jazz-Samstag auf dem Fischmarkt.

Dover, 2002-11-02, Cologne

Really nice concert in the Live Music Hall which replaced the failed one in October. I noted that quite a few people in the audience actually knew the lyrics and were singing along. Not that you could understand anything (and even then it's NQE - not-quite-English X-).

The show ended with a finale furioso, tearing down the drums and generating loads of distortion. The guy at the bass and the drummer had been playing semi-naked for most part of the concert, but to top it, finally the drummer jumped up en pelotas (butt-naked) from his drums onto the bass-man, ROTF a couple of times before leaving the scene!

Thanks for making up for all the disappointment in October!

Göttin Gala & Die Artgenossen

Göttin Gala -- ein Bestandteil der Filia Irata -- und einige Stammgäster der Raststätte (Lothringerstr., Aachen) geben ihr krachiges, wortgewaltiges und skuriles Stelldichein. Worte, Musik, Perkussion & Krach, und was man wohl Performance nennen muß. Leider nur wenige Zuschauer, dafür umso gemütlicher (wenn auch sch* kalt!) und Platz auf dem Sofa.

Tori Amos, 2005-06-23, Bonn

I finally got the chance to see Tori Amos live. Unfortunately, it was quite expensive (45 EUR) and the seats were far away from the stage. Since there's not much going on except a girl sitting at a piano, you'd prefer sitting closer to the front the see the details like fingers or facial expression. For the encore, almost everybody got up and closer to the stage, so we got to appreciate her performmance at least for the last couple of minutes. She surely is a very nice gal :)

T-shirts and other merchandise were prohibitively expensive, although the t-shirts were great. All in all, I wouldn't have paid that much if I'd known in advance.

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